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Do you wish for eco-friendly office space, or building? Are you a little more concerned about the welfare of your staff, visitors or customers/clients? Sign up today for a month and receive a FREE week. 

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Green Cleaning Safe Cleaning

Bing commercial cleaning service offers a solution that alleviates your worries and makes you feel safer and appreciative of your environment. We are ever-conscious of the environment, and we operate on a principle that advocates for a green approach in the commercial cleaning industry. Hence, we take all steps necessary to ensure that we stick to an eco-friendly cleaning service to the letter.

 Why Bing

Our top-notch degree of professionalism in the green cleaning industry in NYC is incomparable to that offered by competitors. Some clients have implied that it is quite safe to say that we have no competition. But, that’s not where our pride lies; we take pride in our commitment to improving the health of planet Earth and that of our clients. The look of satisfaction which our clients can’t hide, and the numerous recommendations we get also go a long way in keeping our shoulders high.

What’s included in Bing’s Green Cleaning Services


Use of Tested and Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 
The natural green cleaning products we use during green cleaning services are tested to ensure that they are safe for adults, children, and pets. Additionally, these products are Designed for the Environment (DfE) and pass EPA’s criteria for the use of organic chemicals.

Aromatherapy Cleansing and Purification
Contracting a green cleaning service from Bing Commercial Cleaning means a whole lot more than conventional cleaning. Our green cleaning specialists and consultants are trained and experienced in diffusing organic substances or essential oils, to produce a purified environment that is impeccably clean as well as uplifting.

 Chemical-Free, Non-Toxic Cleaning
We aim to improve air quality in our client’s homes and offices. Hence, we make use of biodegradable 100% natural, organic products with ingredients sourced from certified-organic farms.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets give your office a fresh and presentable workplace.  We use eco-friendly products to keep your carpets clean.  Daily maintenance keeps your carpets lasting longer. 

Window Cleaning

Nobody wants dirty, smudged windows in their office. Streak-free windows to boost your curb appeal. Clean windows give a healthy and positive environment in your office.

Event Cleaning

While throwing events can be fun, cleaning up after one is often exhausting. Our event cleaning crews can take care of the cleanup after your event.

Floor Cleaning

We have many years of experience in floor stripping, waxing, and cleaning of a variety of floors.  Clean floors are important in a work environment and help avoid any future mishaps. 

Trash Removal

While removing the trash can be a heavy task it can also be a smelly situation in many cases. Daily trash removal is important to avoid unwanted rodents, and bugs into your office.  


Having a dust-free workspace can help you improve your work ability.  Dust can be very harmful to your health.  Our staff is trained to handle dust on schedule to avoid build up. 

Industry Served


Medical Offices
Department Stores
Real Estate Agency / Developer 
Law Firms

Bar / Nightclubs


Schools / Universities
Franchise Business
Sports Complex

Construction Companies

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