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With Bing Commercial Cleaning move-in/move-out cleaning services you are never bothered by the stress of cleaning your place of business. Sign up today for a month and receive a FREE week.
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Move-In & Move-out Cleaning

In New York, nobody is ever assured of staying in one place for long, and if you are among the number of New Yorkers that move frequently, we are certain that cleaning offices have never been your priority. That will require some additional effort and time, and no matter how you have planned everything, cleaning will slow down your schedule. Do you want to move peacefully, without a bulk of stress weighing you down, right? That’s why we are here to help, at a very affordable price.

What’s Included & Why Bing

With our move-in/move-out cleaning services, you are never bothered by the stress of cleaning your new or old apartment. As our outstanding client, you can benefit from the following:


  • Environment-friendly
  • Clean work
  • Outstanding service
  • Efficient speed

Move In Cleaning

We ensure that you move into a new office that is thoroughly clean, exuding with an all-new freshness. You never have to behold any speck of dirt left behind by old tenants, nor do you have to perceive any unwelcoming odor. We work meticulously to ensure that your new apartment is immaculate, and makes you feel at home from the first minute.


Move Out Cleaning

While moving out from your office, have you ever felt like you were cheated out of your security deposit because you didn’t leave a clean office behind? Or feel a little guilty because you left an unclean office behind? Well, with us you can be a champion in all the cases. We don’t just clean, so you get your security deposit or feel peaceful; we will clean your old office so methodically, you want to move back!


The Best of New York City Area’s Cleaning Specialists

You are probably want to get the best of everything, and that’s why you chose that new office. Well, you shouldn’t stop there, take it a step further and get the best cleaners to get it all every corner, fitment, upholstery, furniture, tiles, and other fitments sparkling anew. Our team of dedicated move-in move-out cleaning staff, are trained, certified and experienced in cleaning offices and department stores in the New York City area.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets give your office a fresh and presentable workplace.  We use eco-friendly products to keep your carpets clean.  Daily maintenance keeps your carpets lasting longer. 

Window Cleaning

Nobody wants dirty, smudged windows in their office. Streak-free windows to boost your curb appeal. Clean windows give a healthy and positive environment in your office.

Event Cleaning

While throwing events can be fun, cleaning up after one is often exhausting. Our event cleaning crews can take care of the cleanup after your event.

Floor Cleaning

We have many years of experience in floor stripping, waxing, and cleaning of a variety of floors.  Clean floors are important in a work environment and help avoid any future mishaps. 

Trash Removal

While removing the trash can be a heavy task it can also be a smelly situation in many cases. Daily trash removal is important to avoid unwanted rodents, and bugs into your office.  


Having a dust-free workspace can help you improve your work ability.  Dust can be very harmful to your health.  Our staff is trained to handle dust on schedule to avoid build up. 

Industry Served


Medical Offices
Department Stores
Real Estate Agency / Developer 
Law Firms

Bar / Nightclubs


Schools / Universities
Franchise Business
Sports Complex

Construction Companies

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